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Increase Safety and Operational Efficiency with NOVs' Yale Closures

Learn more about closures from National Oilwell Varco. We carry Y2000 and Figure 500 in stock in our Houston and Karnes City, TX locations. One of our industry experts can help you with the right closure.

Today we are going to talk about the Yale Figure 500 series.

The original threaded Closure Yale Figure 500

Over 60 years of reliable field service has made Yale Closures from National Oilwell Varco (NOV), the leader in the industry. With the original Figure 500 Closure, NOV was the first to develop the inherent safety and operating ease of a thread closure. The Figure 500 Closure design combines simplicity and reliability through the use of a rugged, modified ASME thread to fasten the cap to the hub. The pressure seal is achieved by an o-ring set in the face of the hub. Figure 500 Closures are manufactured in sizes 2“ to 14”.

Yale Figure 500R Closure

The Figure 500R was designed for larger diameter closure applications and is machined with a bevel seat. The bevel seat on the hub provides the operator with an accurate stabbing section and reduces the risk for thread and seal damage. All figure 500R closures also have a minimum of 3” thread length for greater safety in mechanical ceiling integrity. The Figure 500R design is available in sizes 16” to 54” inches. Closure horizontal hinges swing left or right or size is 16” and above.

Yale Figure 515 Closure

The Figure 515 Flanged Closure offers a bolted flange-to-flange configuration. A rugged ACME thread fastens the cap to the hub, making the Figure 515 the safest in the industry. The pressure seal is achieved by an o-ring set in the face of the hub. Figure 515 Closures are available in diameter from 2“ to 42” and ANSI class 150 through 1500.

We stock NOV's Yale closure at our Karnes City, TX location. Give us a call today and see how we can be of service.

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