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CASE STUDY: New poly packing from NOV eliminates excessive repacking & cleanup rod pump operations.

LOCATION: Seminole, TX


Well 1: Scaly Water, 700-plus bbl total fluid with 90% water

Well 2: High water cut, 500-plus bbl total fluid with 90% water


Hercules Poly Packing

Stuffing box packing is the all-important barrier between your process and the environment surrounding your well. That packing can fail when hydrocarbons enter the rubber compound through preparations created by corrosion or a scored polished rod. That's why when NOV developed their new Hercules Poly packing, which is made from nonporous polymers and is well suited for applications that require lubrication, good chemical resistance, and abrasion protection. Our longer-lasting Hercules Poly packing is especially effective in your hard to maintain, high water cut wells.


Well 1

880% increase in runtime

$824 in savings on packing

18 hr reduction in man-hours

Well 2

1,322% increase in runtime

$400 in saving on packing

11 hr reduction in man-hours


A client of NOV in West Texas was recently experiencing frequent cleanups and lost production across their field due to the premature failure of conventional packing in their stuffing boxes. A standard rod pump stuffing box relies on packing to create a dynamic seal around the pump's constantly moving polished rod, thereby providing a barrier between the process and the external well environment.

The conventional packing failed due to corrosion, which allowed hydrocarbons to enter the rubber compound through where points created by a worn or scored polished rod or by solids abrading the rubber packing. In addition to the costs related to the spills, the client was replacing the packing in their pumps every two to three weeks, resulting in higher equipment costs and additional man-hours.

In January 2020, the client elected to install NOV's Hercules Poly packing in two of their most challenging wells, with the goal of reducing spills and lowering their costs related to repacking requirements. Made from non-porous polymers, NOV’s Hercules Poly Packing is well suited for high water cut wells that require lubrication and improved resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Since both wells were producing approximately 90% water, the longer-lasting Poly Packing was the perfect material for the high concentration of salt and or sand that often accompanies nearly every rod pump well.

As of October 2020, the originally installed Hercules Poly packing is still in service, far exceeding the clients' expectations and providing continued cost savings. With the elimination of frequent repacking jobs, the client has achieved a runtime increase of 880% and 1,322%, saved $1,244 on equipment, and illuminated 29 man-hours on those two wells. Going forward, our client will be stalling the Hercules Polly packing throughout their field, and savings are estimated to exceed $4,000 in packing, 100-man hours illuminated, and $8,000 related to spill reductions.

To learn more about how NOV can make a difference - contact an Armstrong/Weatherly team member today.



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