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Manufacturers Spotlight - ZSPEC Flow Control

At Armstrong/Weatherly, we only represent the best valve products to our clients. ZSPEC Flow Control meets that demand. At AWA, we’ve spent many years working in the oil and gas industry, and have witnessed the slowdowns and market swings that come with it. This industry is a 24/7 operation, and being able to find the right supplier is absolutely critical.

ZSPEC carries a wide range of valve products for the oilfield, industrial, agricultural and marine market.

We have local inventory of whatever you are looking for in the Houston area including:

Hammer Unions

Oilfield Valves

Bolted Sleeve Couplings

Seamless Nipples

Oilfield Integral Fittings / Plug Valves

Swage Nipples

ZSPEC is guided by a singular determination to do whatever it takes to be a reliable supplier for our customers. Their fast turnaround and excellent customer service is winning over customers in our area. Try them out today and call the experts at Armstrong/Weatherly for more details.

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