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Manufacturers Spotlight - Federal Screen

July's manufacturer's spotlight highlights our friends from Canada - Federal Screen Products, Inc. Federal Screen is a family owned business located in Toronto, Canada and Missassauga, Ontario.

Federal has been supplying wedge wire screen to all major industries and equipment manufacturers for decades. These wedge wire screens are typically manufactured around a customers specifications.

They offer a variety of materials including nickel, alloy, and stainless materials. Slot sizes range from .001 inch to .625 inches. The benefits of wedge wire include:

  • Very low pressure loss

  • Extended product life and increased durability

  • Stronger and more durable

  • Wide range of profile wires available to suit most applications.

  • Suited for applications that require support for heavy media

  • High-precision slot sizes are available to meet your needs

  • For surface filtration, the V-shaped surface wires allows for easy cleaning by mechanical scraping or back flushing.

These wedge wire screens are used to make vessel internals, intake distributors, header systems, and hub assemblies. They can also be used in these industries:

Can be used in these industries:

Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment


Oil & Gas

Power Generation

Food & Beverage



Pulp and Paper

Federal Screen also makes strainer baskets made of wedge wire, support grids, as well as resin traps and intake screens.

To learn more about Federal Screen and their products, contact our team of technical experts At Armstrong/Weatherly today at (713) 692-5566.

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