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Monthly Spotlight - Advance Valves

This month we profile Advance Valves, manufacturer of a complete line of dual plate check valves and butterfly valves. Advance Valves has a focus on customer needs and quality. Their concentration has been on engineered products, which are being adopted by customers in place of older solutions as products for the future. In the 34 years Advance has been in business, they’ve obtained many key global end user approvals, and have sold their valves in refineries, chemical plants, and a host of other end user locations around the world. They have also grown into a leader in cryogenic valves with onsite testing of both their dual plate and butterfly valve offering and can fully automate their butterfly valve product to meet a variety of user specifications.

Advance Valves offers one of the most complete dual plate and butterfly valves on the market today. They manufacture valves up to 120” in size and up to 2500# pressure class. In addition they can provide solutions for low temperature and cryogenic applications to -320F temperatures. Advance Valves also offers a wide variety of material solutions ranging from stainless to nickel alloys and many additional options on request. Their butterfly valve offering consists of concentric design with an integrally molded liner for low pressure applications, high performance design with a comprehensive range of elastomers, as well as a complete line of triple offset butterfly valves in lugged and double flanged in both short and long pattern designs.

Armstrong / Weatherly Associates proudly partners with Advance Valves and now stocks a cross section of triple offset butterfly valves in Houston. The dual plate check valves are also in stock locally so call us today with your inquiries for MRO type business or project opportunity.

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