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Proper Communication During the Quoting Process

One of the things at Armstrong/Weatherly that we pride ourselves in is being of valuable service to our end-users and the manufacturers we represent. When you work with one of our experts at Armstrong/Weatherly, you are working with someone who genuinely wants to help and gets it right the first time. The quoting process with us is no different.

A common problem we have in our industry is that we do not get enough accurate information from the customer to provide them with an accurate legitimate quote - and it's not just about the cost as it is that the product you are requesting a quote for meets all the specifications and lead times for your project.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when looking for a valve product. For instance -- what type of valve is it? What are you trying to accomplish with this product? Do you know the type of end connections you need? Are they threaded, weld ends or flanged? Do you know what service the valve will be? What about the maximum temperature of the fluid going through the valve?

From knowing if your product is for an on-off service or for a modulating service, to the types of temperatures and pressure a valve can handle, all of these factors are of great value as we help you with your quote from Armstrong/Weatherly.

Depending on your project or quote that you are looking for, it is not uncommon for one of our team members to send our customers a questionnaire to help us narrow down the right product for you, and ensure that a quote you receive from us is accurate, on more than a financial level. That way we now have a paper trail we can look back at and double-check that we are giving you the right product for your end-use.

We as a company provide our supply chain with as much information needed to educate the customer about the products we represent and spec. We pride ourselves in providing our end users with the best possible experience.

Not sure if you are asking for the right valve? It's better to communicate and ask questions than to just throw out -- yeah, I need 300 ball valves. We relish your questions and your comments - they help us perform better for you, and all of our client base.

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