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Manufacturer's Spotlight - Unasco Tapes

Getting the right Teflon tape for the project is crucial. At Armstrong/Weatherly we are passionate about representing great products for the industry. That’s why we carry Unasco tapes.

Unasco was established in 1962 as a joint venture with W.S. Shamban company in the US. Headquarters in Sydney, Australia, Unasco Pty Ltd is highly specialized in the complex field of polymer processing.

Unasco Inc, headquartered in Petaluma, CA, represents the interests of Unasco Pty Ltd throughout the U.S. and Canada in providing new polymer products perfectly suited for today’s complex engineering community.

We stock low density and carry medium density, and high-density Teflon tape products, in 1/’4” to 1” diameter, in roll lengths from 260” up to 1296”. We carry stainless steel thread sealing tape, nickel anti-seize tape, oxygen clean tape, and gas sealing tape.

Not sure which product is for you? Call one of our industry experts today to talk through your concerns @ (713) 692-5566.

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