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BEX is a leader in the design and manufacturing of spray nozzles, tank mixing eductors, air atomizers, and countless custom parts for a variety of industrial applications.

Available Downloads for Bex

Flat Spray
Threaded Nozzles

F Series and FL Series available. A flat fan spray nozzle produces a narrow, straight spray with tapered edges, which allows for overlapping of spray patterns. This type of spray is often used in applications where the target is moving past the spray, such as on a conveyor or in a car wash.


Full Cone Spray
Threaded Nozzles

S, ST, and YS Series Available.

A full cone spray nozzle produces a full, round spray pattern with an even distribution of water over a large area. This results in a low impact rinse. 


Hollow Spray

Threaded Nozzles

H, C, and YH Series Available.

Hollow cone spray nozzles produce a low impact, hollow spray pattern that is round in shape. Hollow cone nozzles are often used for dust suppression and humidity control due to the small droplet sizes they produce.


Tank Washing
Rotating Nozzles

The TWK series rotating nozzles are ideal for use in a variety of applications where 360° coverage is required. They are compact in size and can be installed in any orientation, making them easy to use in a variety of settings. The self-lubricating and self-cleaning bearing mechanism ensures smooth operation and reduces maintenance requirements. 



Molded Plastic and 318SS Cast versions available. BEX eductors use a unique venturi design which enables smaller pumps to circulate large volumes of tank solution. The eductor will circulate four to five gallons of solution for each gallon pumped.

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Air Atomizers

BEX JPL Air Atomizing Spray Nozzles use compressed air (or gas) to produce an accurately controlled liquid dispersion in applications where a conventional liquid spray nozzle would not be suitable.

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