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Manufacturers Spotlight 2020 - BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc.

Updated: Mar 27

This month's manufacturers' spotlight, we focus BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc. Since 1950 when John Bete invented the first spiral nozzle, BETE has put over 1,000,000 nozzles into deep sea, deep space, and everywhere in between. BETE is a fourth-generation, family-owned company that designs and manufactures tens of thousands of different products related to spray process solutions. BETE offers Advanced Spray Engineering Services to solve more challenging and critical problems, including the ability to do CFD studies and physical testing at our location in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

What does BETE do?

BETE designs and manufactures spray nozzles, spray process fabrications and spray systems. They provide guidance and technical expertise in the selection of products and development of custom solutions. They utilize their own manufacturing resources in conjunction with their laboratory to undertake customer contract projects for research, testing, analysis, and project validation.

BETE is a world leader in spray process solutions.

Nearly all BETE spray nozzles are manufactured, fabricated, and assembled in their facility in the USA. Alongside more specialized custom fabrication processes, they use injection molding, investment casting, and CNC machining to create nozzles and spray nozzle systems.

Materials include standards like brass and stainless steel to advanced alloys, ceramics, and polymers. BETE's fabrication process is assisted by an advanced CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) system, linking the design phase to the production process.

How they do it, and what markets does BETE serve?

BETE uses decades of experience with spray Design and Applications Engineering combined with its internal CNC Machine Shop, Foundry, and Spray Lab to design, manufacture, and test their own products. BETE provides spray nozzles, spray lances, spray fabrications, spray systems, and spray research for applications such as gas cooling and scrubbing, material injection, tank washing, and coating. They serve a myriad of markets, including food & beverage, petrochemical, chemical, and pollution control. BETE helps their customers improve efficiencies and achieve sustainability with products that reduce water usage, minimize maintenance downtime, and eliminate the waste of valuable chemicals, compounds, and ingredients.

BETE's patented spray process solutions are quality inspected and field-proven to meet the high standards of third-party certifiers.

BETE has patented dozens of industry innovations

BETE's team has manufactured tens of thousands of different products, including patented innovations, allowing BETE to do things with nozzles others can’t.  BETE engineers continue to create new performance-enhancing designs every year. They design and produce injector nozzles, spray lances and fabrications for just about any industry you can name.

Flexible materials and precision fabrication to meet your needs.

BETE’s In-house nozzle manufacturing facilities means you get expertise at every step of your project. They offer injection molding for plastic nozzles, bar stock machining for metal alloys and smaller quantities of plastics, and investment casting for more complicated or custom nozzles. Their welding capabilities allow them to incorporate disparate alloys for optimum results. They do heat treating, plating, ceramic fabrication, and laser marking. BETE provides the manufacturing flexibility to meet your requirements for quality products.

BETE's products can be used in the following industries:

Chemical Processing Food Processing Oil and Gas


Waste Management

Pulp and Paper


Want to learn more about BETE and their amazing capabilities? Work with the team of industry experts at Armstrong/Weatherly who are versed in BETE and it's capabilities, and the ways a BETE product will save you time and money in any use.

We will put you in the right product BETE for your project. Call Armstrong/Weatherly Associates today at (800) 733-4781 and speak with one of our industry experts today.


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