• Alicia Branham

Meet FlexFlow™ and HydroPulse® Spray System from Bete

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Get to know this great new product line from our friends at Bete. This product won best of show at the 2019 Process Expo this past October in Chicago.

Bete introduces the double threat .... it's FlexFlow Spray System, and it's electric actuated HydroPulse Spray Nozzles. The advantages of precision spray automation from Bete will amaze you. Spray the exact amount that you need, precisely when you need it.

With the FlexFlow™ series precision spray control systems, spray zones are activated by automatic triggers such as photoelectric or proximity sensors, or manually. Adjustable trigger delay settings provide ultimate timing control to reduce material waste and cleaning maintenance.

Bete's Automated Systems for Precision Spray Application include a number of industries including food processing and industrial applications.

Bete's Electric Hydropulse® Automatic Spray Nozzles are electric-actuated HydroPulse Spray Nozzles that assure precision volumes of expensive ingredients and compounds are sprayed directly onto your processing target, with overspray waste virtually eliminated.

Pair with the Bete FlexFlow™ Precision Spray Control System to achieve uniform coverage, even if you adjust your conveyor speed.


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